Warehousing Solutions for Business Growth

Published on Sept. 4, 2019, 3:47 p.m.

Warehousing is the process of storing and accumulating goods in a warehouse or a cargo handling space. Warehouses play an important role in storage, price stabilization, risk bearing, financing, grading and packing. Warehouses seamlessly handle millions of tons of commodities in various sectors of the economy including manufacturing, oil & gas, security and infrastructure.

The issue of warehousing is becoming a global topic of discussion. Many traders are constantly looking for solutions to have their goods stored properly. Supply chain remains critical to the success of any business.

According to the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Survey in 2018, Kenya was ranked 63rd globally but 2nd in Africa. Despite the tremendous improvements across various sectors in the Kenyan economy, traders and producers continue to face many challenges within supply chain. In Kenya, most of the facilities that producers rely on lack adequate space for storage, are inappropriately located and often lack the required material handling equipment and infrastructure.

A company that is looking at addressing this issue is Africa Logistics Properties (ALP). ALP focus at designing and constructing warehouses specifically for a dedicated user. Once the required warehouse has been built, ALP lease it out to the tenant for the agreed period. The Built-to-suitwarehouses provide several advantages in terms of size, location and purpose. Clients can shape the space they require from the very beginning. The client also has the option of selecting a good location and investment form that works for them which in turn enables them to save a lot on the operating and investment costs.

With a great team and international experience, ALP aim to unlock the full potential of warehousing in Kenya, East Africa and bring an evolution in this industry