Solar Energy is the way to go

Published on Sept. 4, 2019, 3:30 p.m.

The use of renewable energy, especially solar energy, has been on the rise in Kenya. Solar radiation in Kenya is quite high with an average of six hours of sunshine daily. The radiation levels are so high which contributes to making it a very affordable source of energy for many.

According to a press release by Kenya Power, access to electricity in Kenya as at the end of April 2018 was 73.42%. Despite this, there has been an increase in the consumption and usage of renewable energy both in the rural and urban areas. Several businesses are increasingly emerging across the country and offering a wide range of solar energy products and services.

It all goes without saying that Kenya is one of the leading countries in solar energy production and consumption in Africa. Kenya is a world leader at the number of solar units that are installed yearly. Close to 200,000 homes in Kenya are powered by solar energy and the private sector has played a major role in contributing to this. The increase in the usage of solar power is mainly due to its affordability and is well within the consumer’s budget.

A great leader in the private sector is the renown British company, Azuri Technologies, that operates in Kenya. Azuri Technologies have made it a point to provide affordable and modern products to hundreds of people across sub-Saharan Africa who do not have access to electricity. Azuri Technologies have managed to design and deliver some of the best products in solar power technology including home lighting and satellite TV.

Recently, the British Ambassador to Japan highly commended Azuri Technologies on their advancement in solar technology which has played a huge role in economic development in Africa. About 100,000 homes in Ghana are set to receive a solar lighting kit that will allow them to access power by simply topping up on their phones. All this is in a bid to reduce fuel-based lighting in homes such as kerosene, which is not only expensive but also a serious air pollutant due to the Carbon Dioxide emissions.

There are more opportunities for investment in this sector and a lot more can be done to take advantage of the solar that is readily available in the country.